Once the consultation is over,

the analysis is over


Check Your Customers ' Hidden Thoughts Now

DeepMiningTA collects real-time customer consultation data

from different channels.
It is a consulting and analysis specialized solution to rapidly explore,

analyze the meaning using various text analysis techniques,

and provide analysis insight using sophisticated visualization technologies.

Consulting Analysis

Marketing Analysis

Collect and Store 

  • ​Real-time monitoring of consultation statistics

  • Automatic summary of consultation contents

  • Detect compliance with standard scripts

  • Detect escalation calls

  • Analysis of business status by counselors

  • Automatic classification by consultation type

  • Issue keyword extraction

  • Detailed analysis by keyword

  • Real-time counseling risk

  • Positive / Negative Counseling Emotion Analysis

  • High-speed collection of original text

  • Saving the original text index

  • View and search for consultation

  • Automatic summarization

  • ​Exploring the original text by consultation analysis result


  • Consultation analysis rules and model management

  • Agent / customer speaker separation analysis

  • Counseling scenario management

  • Establishment of enterprise knowledge DB

  • Automatic analysis report periodical issue

Simultaneous analysis support for multiple consultation centers

Operating a single counseling center or operating multiple counseling centers
Applying the analysis rules for each consultation center,
Analysis is possible

Built-in search engine for fast information search

Counseling analysis results are indexed and stored,
so that anyone can easily search counseling contents and
search results quickly using various search commands

Flexible analytics for business environments

In addition to various built-in analysis services (classification, clustering,

topics, associations, summaries, etc.), it is possible to create unlimitedly

flexible analysis rules for application of analytical application technologies

required by customer's business environment. And can be reanalyzed

from a different perspective.

Easy integration with internal system of customer

All analysis results are developed with RestAPI structure, and the required analysis results can be reconfigured as a new service by linking with
the internal system of the customer.
In addition, 100% independent development through open source and
internal technology enables customization development of any

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